More Photos 11/28/2008

So I'm obviously not getting around to putting the slide shows up very often.  You can see all the sets I've posted at

I'll try to mention in the blog post when I upload new ones.

Curitiba 10/16/2008
Sao Paulo 10/16/2008
Rio de Janeiro 10/16/2008
Ouro Preto 10/16/2008
Belo Horizonte 10/01/2008

You can also see the slideshow at:

Salvador 09/29/2008

You can also see the slideshow at

I also added a few more pictures to the Sao Mateus set.

Guriri Party 09/19/2008
Lake Placid 09/04/2008

Pictures from the Jaffe family reunion in Lake Placid, NY